How can we help you? What improvements are you looking for?

Maybe you already have a fair idea of what you want done. Or maybe not yet. Here we have listed the most popular areas for improvement and their corresponding recommended methods of treatment. However, we believe that facial improvements are a very personal matter so we will be happy to provide you with your own personalised treatment plan.

The first step

With the help of a detailed 3D photo of your face we will discuss the areas of attention with you and put together a tailor made treatment plan. The beauty of the 3D photosystem is that we can show you the effect of any given treatment to your face on screen.

Liquid Facelift

The natural aging process causes all kinds of changes to our face. Decreasing bone mass and loss of collagen and elastin make our skin thinner and slacker, while subcutaneously the volume of fat and muscle tissue shrinks. All these changes together make our face look different. Sagging cheeks, protruding cheekbones, hollowing temples, drooping eyebrows, deep wrinkles and sharp skin folds – these are the effects of our body’s normal ageing process.
Thankfully we can help Mother Nature a little by relaxing the wrinkle causing muscles, by restoring volume to sunken facial parts or deep skin folds, or with a powerful skin boosting therapy. Our doctor will first examine your face very carefully, discuss your wishes with you and explain the possibilities. Thanks to our unique computer simulation software we are even able to give you a very good impression of what your face can look like as a result of the proposed treatment.
Depending on which treatment plan you choose, it can be carried out either in one go or spread out over multiple sessions. Wrinkles, chipmunk cheeks, a gummy smile; looking tired, angry or older-than-you-feel – there is a solution for almost every visual imperfection. We can also help lessen your distress in case of excessive sweating or jaw clenching, and even with migraine we can lend a soothing hand.