Neck and cleavage

Firming up neck and cleavage

Gravity and weakening neck muscles have an adverse effect on the vertical skin folds in the neck, which will increasingly start to sag from the age of 50 onwards. The skin between neck and chest also ages more rapidly from exposure to the sun – especially since most of us tend to skip this area when applying sunscreen – and due to loss of collagen and elastin. The effects are even worse if you are a side sleeper and when your body – and therefore your skin – is insufficiently hydrated.
The neck and cleavage area contain fewer sebaceous and sweat glands, leaving the skin extra sensitive to damage, wrinkles and discolouration, often making it look older than the skin on your face.
Using good quality creams, peelings, and UV protection and drinking lots of water can slow down the visible signs of the ageing process. These lines in the neck can be relaxed with botox, and the right filler in the right spot can have a beautiful firming effect. Extraordinary results can be obtained from treatment with skin boosters. This powerful skin rejuvenation therapy stimulates the biological functions of collagen and elastin in the skin, giving skin folds less of a chance and producing a healthy, younger-looking skin with a fresh glow.


As we age, our jaws lose definition. With age we lose definition in our jaws. Over the years, the bone tissue in our jaws loses volume, while at the same time fat tissue heaps up, gradually altering the appearance of our jawline. From loose skin and chin dimpling to a receding chin, there are several undesirable conditions that can affect the overall look of your jawline.

Replacing lost volume in specific areas of the face and jawline will slightly lift the skin of the jawline and neck. Hyaluronic acid fillers work well to replace the volume loss that causes a sagging jawline.

For men, a carefully placed filler can create a square, well-defined jawline, to bring about a strong,  masculine face.