Lip volume and lipline

Sometimes Mother Nature endows us with thin lips right from the start. In other cases, ageing causes loss of volume in and around our lips. This volume loss occurs naturally as the fat “thins out”, making our lips look dry, shriveled, and even “mean”. The lost fullness can disrupt the entire balance of your face, but fortunately can be restored subtly with a simple injectable treatment. Even an asymmetrical or lopsided lip can be corrected.

Sometimes we use a filler, while in other cases (for example, if the asymmetry is caused by facial expression,) the preferred choice can be a muscle-relaxing botox treatment. Using a combination of fillers and botox, we can give you a beautiful, sensual lipline. With lip augmentation, we always bear in mind that the lower lip should look natural and in proportion relative to the upper lip. And of course we proceed with great care. No one wants “duck lips”. We always aim for natural-looking lip enhancement.
In some cases, we would recommend a protocol of several treatments. For instance, if the lips are extremely thin, it is better to implement the process of lip enhancement more gradually, spread over several consultations. In these cases, both fillers and skin boosters can be the recommend treatment programme.

Together with our cosmetic doctor, you can decide which is the best treatment for your lip correction goals.

A treatment with fillers will also result in softer, less dry looking lips, thanks to the hydration-regulating effect of the hyaluronic acid in our fillers.

Smoker’s lines

The smoker’s lines or “bar code” just above the upper lip are often a result of both direct damage to the skin from smoking or exposure to sunlight and volume loss from ageing. Smokers purse their lips dozens of times a day more than non-smokers, which over time causes much deeper, prominent lines around the mouth.
The skin in this area may be tightened and the smoker’s wrinkles in your upper lip dramatically reduced with a carefully placed injectable filler. Treatment with skin boosters can also deliver a long-lasting effect as well.
The treatment that best suits you will be determined in close consultation with you after the doctor’s assessment.

Droopy mouth corners and marionette linesmondhoeken en marionetlijnen

Downward-curving mouth corners can give the impression that you are sad or disgruntled. Not exactly what you want, particularly if you are a cheerful and happy person. A drooping mouth is the result of an overactive muscle that pulls down the corners of your mouth and also causes sagging jowls. Applying botox will relax this muscle, allowing your mouth to again radiate happiness and positivity.

This treatment is often combined with a treatment of the so-called marionette lines, the folds from the corners of your mouth to the bottom of your chin. Applying a filler in these folds will firm up the mouth corners and clear up shadows, giving your face a more cheerful and youthful expression. Meanwhile, the practitioner will also take into account your cheek lines. If they have lost definition, volume enhancement in this area will have a lifting effect on the marionette lines as well.In addition, a skin booster programme will have an overall skin stimulating effect, resulting in a younger-looking, healthy skin with a fresh glow. The firming effect of skin boosters minimizes chances that wrinkles and fine lines will reappear.

Why not look over the shoulder of our doctor at a computer-generated image of your face to see the simulation of the effects our various treatments can have. Based on these results, you can consult with the doctor to determine which treatment or combination of treatments best suits you.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile occurs when some people smile and their upper lip pulls too far above their upper teeth, exposing their gums. In some people, the effect is more pronounced than in others. Not everyone is bothered by it, but if you are, a few tiny, carefully placed botox injections can simply and effectively correct a gummy smile.
One cause of a gummy smile is hyperactivity of the muscle responsible for elevating the upper lip. Relaxing this muscle with botox will prevent it from pulling the lip as far upward as before.
Occasionally, a gummy smile is also aggravated by a thin upper lip, which further contributes to the problem by exposing even more of the upper gum. Additional treatment with a filler can restore volume to the lip, further enhancing the effect of the botox treatment. Give it a few days and when you smile, your upper lip will rise no further than the upper edge of your teeth, leaving your natural facial expression unaffected.