As we age, our jaws lose definition. With age we lose definition in our jaws. Over the years, the bone tissue in our jaws loses volume, while at the same time fat tissue heaps up, gradually altering the appearance of our jawline. From loose skin and chin dimpling to a receding chin, there are several undesirable conditions that can affect the overall look of your jawline.
Replacing lost volume in specific areas of the face and jawline will slightly lift the skin of the jawline and neck. Hyaluronic acid fillers work well to replace the volume loss that causes a sagging jawline.
For men, a carefully placed filler can create a square, well-defined jawline, to bring about a strong, masculine face.

Receding chin

If you are unhappy with your jawline because of a receding or weak chin, you no longer have to resort to invasive surgery (like back in the old days, when the jaws sometimes had to be broken before they could be straightened out again!). Now you can benefit from non-invasive chin augmentation using filler injections. A carefully selected combination of fillers can define, shape, and enhance the chin to create a well-proportioned, natural look.

Loss of cheekbone volume

As we age, many changes take place in our face. Decreasing bone mass and loss of collagen and elastin make our skin thinner and slacker, while subcutaneously the volume of fat and muscle tissue shrinks. All these changes together make our face look different.
This is also how our cheekbones lose volume. But not only do our cheeks fall victim to gravity; in the area around the nose and mouth undesired folds set in as well, and sometimes you even see excess skin under the chin and jawbone.
Treating the cheekbones with a filler will firm up the area as a whole and have an overall lifting effect. The cheekbones will regain volume and contouring, thus tightening the skin, so to speak, leaving it nice and smooth again.
Restoring volume to the cheekbones can be carried out either as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with treating the temple area and/or the cheeks, or even as part of a liquid facelift, improving the total facial volume.