“Looking good, feeling great!”


Thinning Hair?

XL Hair promotes hair growth and thicker hair, and slows down hair loss.


Would you like to look fresher and younger this fall?

Then why not treat yourself to our skinbooster programme?

Cosmetic Clinics was featured in RTL4’s TV-programme “Mijn Leven, Mijn Gezondheid” (My Life, My Health). You can watch a replay here (in Dutch – but the images speak for themselves).

In keeping with our motto “Looking good, feeling great”, Cosmetic Clinics offers you treatments for both internal and external improvements. You are welcome at our clinics in The Hague and Lelystad for a unique combination of nonsurgical cosmetic corrections, such as injectables, skin boosters and hair growth stimulators, as well as orthomolecular advice to keep you and your skin in good shape. A holistic helping hand against the inevitable visible and invisible effects of ageing.

Witte jassen, echte mensen (2)

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Verhaal in afleveringen over waarom wij bij Cosmetic Clinics doen wat we doen, de mensen aan de frontlinie en achter de schermen, hun motivatie, waarom klanten voor ons kiezen en bij ons terugkomen, kortom: hoe het allemaal zo gekomen is!

Deel 2 – de kliniekregisseur

De man en de vrouw kenden elkaar al jaren. Hij was in een grijs verleden twee keer klant bij haar relocatiebedrijf geweest, zij was een ondernemer en organisator pur sang. Geknipt voor de job, vond hij.
Zij dacht daar zelf heel anders over. Botox en fillers? Mwah…. Ze was meer van het biologische en organische en groene en zo. En best tevreden met haar nieuwe, rustige, freelance bestaan als vertaler/copywriter.

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Never had anything to do with injectables before but curious to see if this might be for you? Or are you familiar with the treatments, but would like to get to know Cosmetic Clinics better? Why not make an appointment and see through the lens of our 3D-camera what we can do for your face.


Product highlight

In the spotlight this month:  our unique 3D-camera, the Vectra H1.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see only a limited part of your face and head. We simply cannot get a good look at ourselves from all angles. Our 3D-camera can, enabling you to see a complete picture of your entire face. This also means that all the folds, fine lines and wrinkles that you cannot directly see for yourself will show up in the image, projected on our computer screen. This unique tool will help you and us together decide which area(s) of your face you would like softened, filled or relaxed. And that’s not all – another super unique feature this camera offers is the ability to visualise our treatment before we do anything to your face. This computer-aided simulation will give you an idea of what your face will look like after the treatment. A before and after picture, beforehand!

Normally the cost of an intake consultation with the 3D-photo would be € 80, but for a limited time only, we can offer you this remarkable photo shoot absolutely free of charge.

3D fotosimulatie